Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blake's Sip and See

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of putting together a dessert table for my friends, Cyndi and Jeff, at their Sip and See party. Never heard of a Sip and See? Well, it's the newest baby trend, this post-birth champagne party is basically like a shower held after the baby is born. A wonderful way to gather family and friends to see the baby if they haven't so already. 

I was super excited to be adding a dessert table to the party, given that I have never put one together before. During my days off from making cake pops, I'm in the kitchen baking and trying out new desserts. So with her trust in me, I was able to put together my very first dessert table for baby Blake's Sip and See. Enjoy!

The adorable bird themed invitation...loved the colors!
Beginning stages of the peanut butter butterscotch haystacks
Can you guess what these will be for?
Pipping bird faces on candies to add to the bird theme
The necessary decorations to make the cake pop birdies; star sprinkles for the feet, rainbow chip sprinkles for the beaks and gum-paste cut outs for the chest and wings
Viola! Birdie cake pops!
French Macaroons

Mini vanilla cupcakes - I love mini desserts, sometime all you need is just a bite!
The mini cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and blue and green sanding sugar for some crunch
Madeline cookies - light and airy
Gotta add the green and blue!
Now to the Sip and See!

The chocolate eggs ended up on the haystacks to make bird's nests!

The new family of 4 represented on the red velvet and cream cheese buttercream cake =)

Chocolate ganache to sandwich the macaroons, my favorite combo.

There he is! Baby Blake and his beautiful Mommy!
So precious!
Blake and me :)

Thanks for viewing! And thank you to The Young Family, welcome Baby Blake!

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